PITTSTON, PA (AP) – For the first time since 2008 the Waterford Crystal will be heading back to Pittston.

Joyce was able to fend off Marty Jr. and win her third Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool championship.

“I guarantee you five or six months ago, nobody would have bet their last dollar to say that Joyce is winning the bowl pool,” Joyce said speaking in the third person. “And now…. I’m smiling right now.”

Joyce was in command of the pool since the Armed Forces Bowl on December 30th, but was unable to clinch the title until last night. Marty Jr. was the only Flynn with a chance at winning, but he needed to guess the exact score to do so.

Marty Jr. was attempting to win his third title in a row. A feat that has only occurred one other time in in the history of the bowl pool- when Marty Sr. won in 2002, 2003, and 2004. Marty Jr. did not want to speak about missing out on the three-peat though and spoke of the future.

“I have next year,” Marty Jr. said. “I am going to pick plenty more football games. I am going to win plenty more. I think this is a lesson for me. Nobody likes to lose. It really hurts. I said this one is probably going to hurt for a while. I am going to be really determined in the offseason to get back out there next year and work harder.”

In a bowl season full of upsets Joyce was able to survive four straight 0’s in the Holiday, Car Care, Sun, and Liberty Bowls. The upsets lead to what is believed to be the lowest scoring bowl pool is history. Joyce won with a 2.92 average – which would have been good for a last place finish last season.

“This was the toughest year I can remember” said Matt. “I don’t think we will see anything like that again”.

1 Joyce 76 3.04
2 Marty Jr. 72 2.88
3 Chris 68 2.72
4 Matt 68 2.72
5 Joie 67 2.68
6 Marty Sr. 66 2.64