PITTSTON, Penna. – Joyce has claimed the 30th Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool championship. The title is her seventh and gives her the record for most bowl pool championships of all time.

Joyce used a strong start to propel her to a dominating victory. She has clinched the championship before the College Football Playoff Championship game. Joyce had at least a share of the lead for almost the entire bowl pool. Chris briefly took over the top spot on Day 2, but his lead did not last.

Heading into New Year’s Day Joyce had a 13-point lead over second place Chris. Matt was able to cut the lead to 8-points, and could have gotten it within 6 if the Oklahoma Sooners were able to hold on to win the Rose Bowl. Georgia came back to win in double overtime giving Joyce a 6. She also earned a 6 in the Sugar Bowl and slammed the door shut on anyone’s slight chances. She currently has 96 points (4 ppg average). She has a 12 point over second place.

After she officially clinched the title she could be heard shouting the phrase “Humble yourself!” in the direction of Marty. Before this championship, Joyce and Marty were tied for the most wins all time.

“All I’m saying is humble yourself,” Joyce told ESPN. “All the flamboyancy … I carry myself the same way, but humble yourself, man.

The bowl pool continues Monday, but the rest of the Flynn’s will be playing for pride. Matt and Chris are tied for second place, and Alyssa is having her best performance to date. Also, Sarah will need a strong performance to avoid having the worst recorded bowl pool performance of all-time.

The Waterford Crystal is heading back to Pittston. Congratulations, Joyce!


1 Joyce 97
2 Matt 87
2 Chris 87
4 Alyssa 83
5 Kaity 76
6 Joie 74
7 Marty 73
8 JoJo 71
9 Sarah 53


Final Standings

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