TAMPA, Fla. (AP) —

Marty was able to survive an early point drought and use a well timed perfect score to catapult himself to the top of the 29th Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool. This is Marty’s 6th championship tying him with Joyce for the most all-time wins. 

Heading into last night’s championship Marty had a 4 point lead over Joyce. However, he had picked the underdog Clemson Tigers while she picked Alabama. If things went Bama’s way (which it appeared it would for a large part of the game) the bowl pool would have seen its first tie since 1995. Instead, we saw an all-time classic championship game where Clemson came back to knock off Alabama with 1 second left on the clock 35 – 31.

The 29ths bowl pool was a low-scoring, albeit exciting affair. The first two days of the bowl pool were tough sledding for most of the Flynn’s. After 5 games Marty had a whopping 6 points and was in a tie for 5th place. 11 points behind then co-leaders Sarah and Kaity.

The field watched as the top 3 of Sarah, Kaity, and Joyce started to put distance on the rest of the field. Even first-time bowl pool contestant JoJo got involved briefly holding onto 3rd place. 15 games in Marty sat in 5th place and 13 points off the lead.

While it appeared as if Marty was about to be dropped, he pulled off the rare perfect score giving him 11 total points and moving him into 2nd place. Marty ended 2016 within 5 points of the lead.

A strong performance on the second of January (17 points over final 3 games) gave Marty a 5 point lead heading into the College Football Playoff Championship. It wasn’t without drama, though. It looked as if Western Michigan would beat the spread with a late touchdown in the Cotton Bowl. However, the Bronco’s  kicker missed the extra point giving Marty a 6 and handing Joyce and Kaity 1’s. This proved to have a huge outcome on the bowl pool. If that kick is good Joyce and Kaity would have gotten 4’s to Marty’s 3. If you give Western  Michigan that extra point now we are talking about new first-time champion Kaity.

While unfortunate for Kaity; this is what makes the bowl pool so great. Every meaningless point scored can determine where the Waterford Crystal ends up. This year it is staying in Exton.



Place Name Points PPG (25)
1 Marty 91 3.64
2 Kaity 87 3.48
3 Sarah 86 3.44
4 Joyce 83 3.32
5 Matt 78 3.12
6 Chris 73 2.92
7 JoJo 72 2.88
8 Joie 70 2.80
9 Alyssa 63 2.52