GLENDALE, Ariz. (AP) — Joie won her first Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool with 104 points on Monday night.

This ends a 12 year drought for Joanne who first began play in 2004. In her first bowl pool appearance she fell short by one point to Marty Sr. In 2013 she fell painfully short again  to Chris.

This, however, was Joie’s year. She started off on fire with three straight 6’s. But unlike last year when Joyce took the lead early and never looked back Joie had to fight off some stiff competition in Matt and Chris who both took the lead at multiple points in the bowl pool. She ended it on New Year’s Day when she dropped another three straight 6’s. This gave her enough cushion to enter the College Football Playoff National Championship with the title essentially locked up.

Second place Matt entered the National Championship needing some luck and he didn’t get it. Both he and Joie had the Tigers meaning he would only be able to gain 2 points on the leader. Third place Kaity also picked Clemson eliminating her possibility to tie. Yet another second place finish for Matt will surely haunt him throughout the year.

The title game between Alabama and Clemson was fantastic. A onside kick and kick return for a touchdown in the fourth quarter  gave the Tide a come from behind win 45 – 40. The game featured some late quarter scores to swing the box pool, and even had a back door cover by Clemson with 12 seconds left.

For the first time since 2010 the Waterford Crystal is heading back to Exton.

Congrats, Joie!

Final Standings:

Name Points PPG
Joie 107 4.11
Matt 105 4.03
Kaity 102  3.92
Sarah 102  3.92
Chris 100  3.84
Joyce 90  3.46
Marty 81  3.11
Alyssa 56  2.15


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