After mounting a 17 point comeback to win one of the most exciting championship games of all time, it was fitting that Joyce had a comeback of her own winning on the last game of the 26th Annual Flynn Family Bowl Pool, too.

Chris had been in first place for the entire bowl pool up until this game. In order to win Chris needed the Seminoles to cover the 8.5 point spread. Early on it looked like there was no way could happen. But as the Seminoles came storming back it looked like he had a chance to pull a comeback just as surprising. Unfortunately for Chris, Auburn wasn’t done, and Florida State needed a touchdown in the final seconds of the game to pull ahead.

As a result, Joyce wins her fifth bowl pool championship – tied with Marty Jr. for the most wins all time. It is also her fourth championship in 5 years. An unprecedented era of dominance in the bowl pool.

Joyce credits her victory to “dumb luck”, but obviously there is more to her strategy than that. She shared her secret to success afterwards “When I’m picking scores, I don’t even take into consideration points. Too confusing for my mind.”

For Chris, this is the second time he has finished in second place losing by a point.


Joyce 86 3.73
Chris 85 3.69
Joie 81 3.52
Marty Jr 81 3.52
Kaity 59 2.56
Matt 57 2.47

Joyce wins 26th Annual Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool

Final Standings


Losers: Kaity and Matt

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