PITTSTON (AP) – Down in the Big Easy, the second-ranked LSU Tigers danced, dodged and darted their way into the end zone Monday night for a 38-24 victory. They made it look easy with Matt Flynn throwing four touchdown passes. Flynn finished 19-for-27 for 174 yards and was picked the game’s most outstanding offensive player. “We came out here with the right frame of mind. We kept hanging in there,” Flynn said as he hoisted the $30,000 BCS crystal trophy.

Meanwhile, 1200 miles northeast of New Orleans another Matt Flynn of Penn State hoisted a crystal trophy as he was crowned the 2007-2008 Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool Champion.  Matt posted his second win in 3 years, tying Dad for all-time wins with 4.

Matt rallied from an early deficit to score 110 points narrowly defeating Joanne Flynn, this year’s runner-up. Despite earning 10 bonus points Joanne finished 6 points short of her first Flynn Bowl Pool victory. “Although I’m disappointed with the loss, I have to say it was great to see Matt win it all.  He really went for it.”, said Joanne.

The rest of the Flynn family had a difficult time keeping pace with Matt who averaged nearly 4.25 points per game.  Mom finished in 3rd place followed by 4th place finishers Dad and Chris who tied with 80 points.  The dubious distinction of last place went to Marty – his second last place finish in 3 years.

Matt’s relatives were congratulatory after the final results were tallied.  “Matt was on fire”, said Dad. “He just got finished rolling all the quarters”, said Chris Flynn referring to the cash prize awarded to this year’s winner.  “It was a good night for both Matt Flynn’s”, said Mom.

Matt spoke confidently while reflecting on his victory Tuesday evening.  When asked if he hoped to repeat next year Matt declared, “Yes. I don’t plan on losing again…ever”.

1 Matt
110 4.230796231
2 Joyce 104 4
3 Joie 99 3.807692307
4 Chris 80 3.076923077
4 Marty Sr. 80 3.076923077
6 Marty Jr. 77 2.961538462