By Martin Flynn, AP Sports Writer
January 5, 2006

PITTSTON, PA (AP) — Matt Flynn picked his scores carefully, hoping to win a championship.

Then he took off. And When the bowl games were over, Matt won his first outright bowl pool title since the 1999-2000 season.

“Do whatever it takes,” Matt said.

It was the ultimate revenge for Flynn the bitterly disappointed last place finisher from 2 years ago.

On a night when he was one extra point shy of a perfect score, Flynn capped a performance that Bowl Pool fans will remember forever by scoring his seventh 6 of the contest and scoring 84 total points en route to his third Flynn Family Bowl Pool championship.

“It’s so beautiful,” Flynn said as he received the Waterford crystal. “Don’t you think that’s beautiful? It’s staying home in Pittston, PA.”

“This is what it’s all about, a 6 in the final game,” said Matt. “You couldn’t ask for anything better. This was a great football pool. I gave my heart, they gave their hearts, and I came out on top.”

“Well, I couldn’t score” said Marty Jr. the Bowl Pool Moderator. “There were upsets all over the place. “This was Matt’s year,” he said.

Sister-in-law Joanne emailed Matt and told him, “You juiced it”

Said Chris Flynn, Matt’s brother:”I cashed out early. Matt took us to the boneyard.”

“It’s been a great run. I had a good year,” said Mom, last year’s winner. “I don’t think I should be ashamed about my picks this year”

“I knew I had to score in the 80s in order to win the bowl pool. I didn’t get it done.” 4 time winner Marty Sr. said.

After suffering zeros in the Independence and Outback bowls, Dad and the rest of the family were left behind as and Matt pulled away.

“If you take a couple zeros, you can’t win the pool,” Marty Jr. said. “I just missed it. By what — thirty points?”

1 Matt 84 4
2 Joyce 73 3.47619047
3 Marty Sr. 71 3.38095238
4 Chris 64 3.04761904
4 Joie 64 3.04761904
6 Marty Jr. 57 2.71428571