Recap: The losers

This years bowl pool is believed to be the lowest scoring of all time. The two day stretch of 0’s that was well documented yesterday was the main reason for that. Here is a short recap of what happened to the losers.

6th place – Marty Sr. – 66 points (2.64 ppg)

Normally a bowl pool force, Marty Sr. had a slow start only scoring 9 points the first two days. He started day 3 with a 6, but then he hit an unprecedented stretch of futility he was unable to overcome. He scored six 0’s in a row virtually ending his chances before 2011 even began. He finished strong especially in BCS games, but it was too little too late.

5th place – Joie – 67 points (2.68 ppg)

Joie had a strong showing early getting up to 2nd place after the Chik-fil-A Bowl. She got as high as 2nd place and was pretty close for most of the bowl pool. It just wasn’t meant to be this year and she tailed off towards the end. There’s always next year for Joie who is still looking for her first championship.

3rd place (tie) – Chris – 68 points (2.72 ppg)

Chris was battling for the lead early with Marty Jr., but scored three straight 0’s in the Sun, Liberty, and Chik-fil-A bowls. He bounced back with a 6 in the Ticket City Bowl, but couldn’t get much going after that.

3rd place (tie) – Matt –
68 points (2.72 ppg)

Matt took the lead after the first game. That was the last time he would have it. On 12/30 and 12/31 Matt scored six 0’s in 7 games and only scored 5 points total in those two days. He was able to climb back into the race for 2nd place, but had no shot at catching Joyce.

2nd place – Marty Jr.
72 points (2.88 ppg)

Despite a strong effort Marty Jr. was unable to complete the three peat. He was the only Flynn with a shot at knocking off Joyce in the title game. The all-time wins leader has nothing to be ashamed of. It was pretty impressive he got within 3 considering the lead Joyce had.

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