DUPONT, Pa. – Despite a slow start, Joyce used an unbelievable run to win the 32nd Annual Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool. This is Joyce’s 8th championship all coming since 2005.

In a span of 12 games, Joyce scored a 6 in nine of them. She scored 4 in the other three. 66 out of a possible 72 points. The championship was all but wrapped up heading into New Years Day.

For the rest of the Flynns, the bowl pool was quite competitive. and saw Flynn’s moving up and down the board. However, they will all have to wait another year for their shot at glory. The wait will undoubtedly be the longest for Matt, who has not won a championship since 2008. Matt put up a solid effort that could have won many previous bowl pools, but once again he came up just short.

Fun Facts!
– The Waterford Crystal will travel to Dupont for the first time.
– Joyce’s performance was one of the top 10 in bowl pool history by points per game.
– Joyce now has 8 championships. Marty has 2nd most all-time with 6.
– Joyce averaged 4.04 points per game – good for the 10th highest total all-time.

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