Last weekend, I’m in the Grey Wolf trying to enjoy my weekend when I received an email telling me flynnbowlpool.com was hacked.

I didn’t get around at looking at it until today. And, wow, I got hacked. You couldn’t actually get to the website. But there was a bunch of stuff in Russian. All of the pages were changed to random(?) nonsense? One was dedicated to the Boll weevil. Unfortunately, one was titled “Where I Can Buy Michoacan Chroizo in Lansing Michigan.”

It appears I lost some stuff, but mostly just dumb pictures. I will try and fix it before the bowl season starts. All of the history is still here. I will likely just back this up and get rid of it after this year because it took me way too long to fix this. But I will use it for the upcoming bowl season at least (too lazy to make changes this close to the bowl pool)

This is an example of what everything looked like:

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