Once again, we will be doing the box pool for the College Football Playoff National Championship on Monday Night!

The tradition began in 2015  because Mom kept winning the $100 she graciously donates to the bowl pool. Don’t worry. You don’t have to do anything. Like is previous years, Flynn’s who are academically ineligible for the bowl pool are allowed to compete in the box pool. Both Betty and Cody will be participating.

Behold! this years pool:

box pool for the 31st bowl pool

I have followed a very scientific and complicated process to fill out the boxes for everyone. Since there are now 11 Flynn’s competing everyone will get 1 box with 1 lucky Flynn getting an extra 10th box. Chris was the lucky Flynn with the extra box. I randomly selected who would be getting the 10th box using this complex tool:

I used the same tool to randomly pick everyone’s boxes. After I filled out all of the boxes I randomly generated the numbers.


Basically, there are 100 empty boxes. Names are entered in each box. After that numbers from 0-9 will be randomly assigned to each column and row. It ends up looking like the image below.


The last number of a team’s score at the end of each quarter is used to determine the winning square. For example, Paul would also win the pool if Team B happened to defeat Team A by a score of 12-6 or 42-26, etc. $25 will be awarded each quarter.

Still confused? Check this out.

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