Pete Flynn’s win in the 1994 bowl pool victory is considered the greatest performance all-time. He scored an unbelievable 87 points over only 18 games averaging 4.83 points per game. The closest anyone has come to this performance was Marty (Jr) in 2001. Still, he was nearly a half point behind Pete. 

1994 Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool Final Standings. Pete holds off late push from Chris. CREDIT: Matt Flynn (Photo byMatt Flynn /

At the time, Pete’s 12 point win (Chris finished in second place) didn’t seem like much. It was only the 6th year of the bowl pool. Looking back at 1994 it is arguably the most competitive bowl pools of all-time. Chris’ performance that year is good for 4th all time. Marty (Sr) finished in third with 74 points which put him in 6th place on the all-time list.

Bill Snyder leads Kansas State to their first ever bowl win in the 1993 Copper Bowl.

Chris and Marty (Sr) started the bowl pool with back to back 6’s. But by game four (Copper Bowl – Kansas State defeating Wyoming 52 -17. Kansas State’s first bowl game in the 97 years of the school) Pete took the lead he would not relinquish. Chris and Marty (Sr) did keep it tight. with 6 games left Marty (Sr) was down 5 with 57 to Pete’s 62. Chris was in third with 54. 

Pete and Marty proceeded to rip off three straight 6’s. Chris, scored what would be impressive in almost any other year, 6/6/2. 

January 10, 1994 Sports Illustrated Cover: Florida State QB Matt Frier victorious with FSU cheerleaders and sod after winning National Championship game vs Nebraska at Orange Bowl Stadium.Miami, FL CREDIT: Damian Strohmeyer (Photo by Damian Strohmeyer /Sports Illustrated/Getty Images)

With two games left Marty (Sr) was still down 5 and had a shot. It did not go his way. He only scored 1 point in the Orange Bowl (Florida State 18 – Nebraksa 16 , Bobby Bowden’s first national title) and had his only 0 in the Sugar Bowl (Florida – 41 West Virginia – 7)  Pete kept his pace with a 3 and 6. Chris matched Pete and was able to jump into 2nd place. 

Pete finished with nine 6 point games.

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