In a wildly entertaining game, Alabama came back after being down 13-0 at the half. Benched their starting quarterback, tied the game up and missed a game-winning field goal as time expired. They scored on a bomb in overtime to win their National Championship. Nick Saban’s sixth.

Last night I scored the game incorrectly. The final score was 26-23 Alabama, and I accidentally had it 26- 20.

Scores from the game are:

Marty – 6, Alyssa, Kaity – 4, Matt, Chris, JoJo, and Sarah – 3, Joyce and Joie -1.

Joyce finishes with 97 points. Matt and Chris tie for 2nd place. Sarah finishes with 53 and avoids having the worst known score of all time.

Final standings:

FINAL: Joyce – 97, Matt – 87, Chris – 87, Alyssa – 83, Kaity – 76, Joie,- 74, Marty – 73, JoJo – 71, Sarah – 53

Joyce finishes with a 4 to give her an even 100 points. She finished with an average of 4 points per game.

Matt takes second place with a 6. Chris gets a 0 but hangs on for third.

Sarah gets a 0 and locks up the worst performance in bowl pool history on record (by points per game). She finishes with an average of 2 points per game. The previous lowest average was Alyssa in 2016 with 2.07.  If Alabama hits that field goal in regulation it changes things for Sarah. However, she did win &75 in the box pool so who cares.


Thanks for playing! See you next year.

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