Slow start dooms many in the 29th Flynn Family Bowl Pool.

Sarah –

After getting off to a strong start and leading for parts of this year’s bowl pool Sarah must be disappointed with her result. However, a second straight 4th place finish is no reason to hang your head. Until everyone’s picks for the National Championship are in she is technically not out of it, but that’s not going to happen.

Matt –

Another year, another disappointment for Matt who has now not won the bowl pool since 2008. While he came painfully close least year he was never really a threat in this contest. A slow start proved to be the killer for Matt this year. He only had 4 points after the first two days, but from December 28th to January 2nd he scored 72 points (behind only Marty who had 81 points over that span). It is back to the drawing board for Matt.

JoJo –

A very respectable showing for the rookie. She was in 3rd place fairly late into the bowl pool by using her strategy of picking extreme scores. Her prediction off 40-99 earned her 6 in the Texas Bowl. Look for big things from JoJo moving forward.

Chris –

The recent trend of all or nothing for Chris continues. Since 2010 Chris has either finished in the top 2 (four times – winning in 2013) or not didn’t do so hot. Expect Chris back in the mix for next year’s bowl pool.

Joie –

The defending champion got off to a historically bad start. She had only earned 8 points after the first 3 days of the bowl pool (9 games). Much like Matt, Joie after her initial struggles she finished very strong. The final four days of the bowl pool she earned 56 points, only behind Marty (63) and Matt (58). She had four 0’s over the first 8 games and no 0’s after that. It didn’t go her way this year, but Joie showed her championship last year was no fluke.

Alyssa –

Another victim of a slow start. Alyssa bounced back and start to move up the standings. However, three straight 0’s towards the end of the bowl pool hurt her chances for earning her highest finish in the bowl pool.

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