Kaity is now within 2 points of Joyce after a strong start to the day. Despite having a tough go of it this year, defending champ Joie has shown no quit. She has moved out of the basement jumping Alyssa.

Both of these games, as Sarah would say, were bunk.


I didn’t watch much of this. I turned it on at the end to see Tech score a worthless touchdown that put the game over and helped Joyce and Kaity.

6 – Kaity and Matt. 4 – JoJo, Sarah, Chris, and Joie. 3 – Joyce and Marty. 0 – Alyssa


Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson was just awful. See gif above for in-depth recap.

4 – Joyce, Kaity, Marty, JoJo, Joie. 2- Matt. 0 – Sarah, Chris, and Alyssa.

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