Kansas State upsets Texas A&M and Joyce gets another 6 (23 out of a possible 24 points for Day 3). She has started to run away with this one.

I didn’t see much of this one as I was focused on Indiana blowing it. But it had quite the impact on the bowl pool. Second place Kaity gets her first 0, and JoJo has now moved ahead of Sarah with a 6.

6’s: Marty, Alyssa, Chris.

2’s: Sarah, Matt, Joie.

I didn’t watch much but late in the third quarter this commercial aired:

I agree with the premise but not sure how it sells car batteries. Also, Kansas State didn’t want to dump Gatorade on their 80 year old coach so they went with confetti:

Also, I am not sure if this is the Texas Bowl or the Advocare V100 bowl.

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