DAY 12: ELIMINATED – Joyce, Marty, and Alyssa

Heading into the College Football Playoff National Championship game Monday Joie has a commanding 4 point lead. Depending on how everyone picks the championship game it could already be over.Chris and Sarah need two minor miracles – a perect score and a very low score from Joie and not a 6 from Matt. Matt and Kaity can win ouright without a perfect score but it is still unlikely and will need help.

These three have no chance on Monday.

Joyce –

Joyce’s attempt at the second three-peat in Flynn Bowl Pool history fell short this bowl season. Joyce struggled on New Year’s Eve where she only managed 3 points in three games. That seemed to seal the deal for the all time wins leader.

Marty –

He got off to a hot start, but put up too many low numbers to stay in the race. From the halfway point of the bowl pool he only managed 32 points (2.4/game). He only had two 0’s the entire bowl pool (same as leader Joie) but the lack of 4’s, 5’s, and 6’s really hurt.

Alyssa –

In only her second bowl pool Alyssa made a valiant effort. Considering Joyce didn’t win her first bowl pool until 2005 and has since won 6 of the last 10 there is no reason for Alyssa to hang her head.

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