Do you remember the alamo?

I do not remember it. Oregon was up 21 -0 so I went to Tired Hands. Things happened tho.


There were sad ducks. I love when people are sad that isn’t me. I watched literally every bowl game in the bowl pool this year except this one. I am so sad. What am u doing?? Why am I here?

MATT jumps into 2nd with a 6. Kait & Sarah also 6 it. Joie, Chris, Joyce, & Marty get a 2. And believe it or not traitor ass sucka ass Alyssa got another 0.

When I got home I realized TCU won. I asked google why and it said bc their coach changed his shirt at the half.


I am sorry I let evryone down. Please google “alamo bowl” and I am sure you will see good things.

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