Flynn Bowl Pool legend Joel Stave led Wisconsin back to knock off USC in a very, very late Holiday Bowl. Wisconsin was nearly the second B1G team to get screwed out of a bowl win.

Joie got 1 point closer to Matt with a 4, but is still behind going into the New Year’s Six. Sarah and Kaity also got 4’s. Matt Chirs and Joyce got 2’s. Marty and Alyssa 0’s.

The 4th quarter was wild. Wisconsin was running the ball all over USC with Cory Clement. Clement gets hurt and USC immediately stops the Badgers offense and eventually takes the lead. Tanner McEvoy comes in at QB for the Badgers for some wildcat action and appears to have busted a long TD run. They blew the whistle and said he stepped out. He didn’t step out. Because the whistle was blown it wasn’t reviewable. It was a sure touchdown.

wisco not out









A few plays later Joel Stave, Wisconsin’s all time winningest QB somehow, gets kicked in the face and is split open.

Stave came back in and drove Wisconsin down the field. This let their fat, dancing, brazillian kicker put one through the uprights and give them the lead with 2:30 left.  Then this dude named Cichy for Wisconsin pressured Cody Kessler into forcing an interception. Earlier in the game Cichy had three straight sacks. He only had two total sacks on the year.

Other important stuff from the Holiday Bowl:



Dude on Wisconsin relieving himself on tv:

Paul Chryst wore a sweatshirt he got for free:

paul chryst wisco


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