Never in doubt. Joyce wins the 27th Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool.

In last years bowl pool Joyce was able to squeak out a win in the BCS Championship game over Chris. This year was another story. Joyce dominated the bowl pool from start to finish winning her 6th bowl pool championship, the most of all time. Joyce then continued to dominate over the first half of the inaugural Flynn Family Box Pool.

Joyce insisted she tried to lose before the bowl pool began, but clearly she is picking games on another level. Heading into the new year all other Flynn’s needed a miracle to get back into it.

Despite the lack of drama it was a historic year as we saw two new contestants – Sarah and Alyssa. It was the largest Flynn Bowl Pool since 1998. It was also the first year of the College Football Playoff – where I made everyone pick ANOTHER game after the Rose and Sugar bowls. If it wasn’t for the CFP we likely would have seen Alabama win another BCS championship rather than Ohio State steamroll Oregon.

Final Standings:

Joyce 90
Joie 82
Marty 77
Chris 74
Kaity 73
Matt 71
Sarah 66
Alyssa 63

Expanded Standings

Everyone’s Picks

Box Pool Results:

Quarter 1: Joyce

Quarter 2: Joyce

Quarter 3: Marty

Quarter 4: Joie

Box Pool

Flynn Awards:

Roll of the Year: #TEAMPOPPY

Fat Guy of the Year: Baylor fat dude, LaQuan McGowan

Punch of the Year: Texas A&M’s flying dick punch

Sad Fan of the Year: TIE! Sad Bryce Petty and Sad Texas fan

Pun Post of the Year: Boise proves neigh-sayers wrong. Gives Arizona a Fiesta Bowl to fur-get.


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