Tigers defeat OSU – twice! Joyce ties Chris for first!









For the first time since the first day of the bowl pool someone has tied Chris for the lead.

Friday night had two great games going on simultaneously. The Orange Bowl went back and fourth all game. A battered Braxton Miller had a few turnovers late in the game that ended up costing the Buckeyes. Clemson hung on for the win 30 – 25. Urban’s first BCS loss. Wah. All Flynn’s get a 2, except Kaity with a 4.

The Cotton Bowl had huge bowl pool implications. Missouri was able to hold off Oklahoma State and win 41 – 31. The game was closer than the score indicated as Missouri scored on a fumble late as Oklahoma State was driving to take the lead. Current leader Chris took the 0 in the game, and with Joyce getting a 6 she was able to move into a tie for first.


 Joyce  Joie  Marty Matt Chris  Kaity
Cotton  6  6  6  2  0  4
Orange  2  2  2  2  2  4


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