ROLL TIDE: Chris wins 25th Annual Flynn Family Peerless Prognosticator Bowl Pool

rudy crying
Rudy crying

The Flynn Waterford crystal will be traveling up the mountain to Thornhurst.

In one of the more enjoyable BCS Championship Games in recent history, Alabama just absolutely demolished Notre Dame. It’s 42-14 at the time of this post with 8 minutes left.

Chris had the bowl pool in a head lock going into this game. Only Joie and Joyce had chances to win, and they would need perfect scores to do that. Well, Alabama scored 28 points before the half which sealed the deal for Chris. Giving him his second title all time, and his first since 1998.

In this game Joie, Marty, and Matt scored 4’s. Chris a 3, and Joyce, who made a valiant effort for the first three peat in bowl pool history, scored a 1.

More to come. Congrats, Chris.

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