Day 9: Cotton Bowl

After last nights Fiesta Bowl Chris was able to get a little breathing room, but with 4 games left to play this bowl pool is far from over. Tonight, Heisman winner Johnny Manziel and the Aggies take on the Oklahoma Sooners.

Cotton Bowl – 8:00pm – FOX
Texas A&M Cotton Bowl Oklahoma Sooners
Texas A&M Aggies 4.5 Oklahoma Sooners
Joyce 36-30
Joie 21-17
Marty Jr. 27-28
Matt 38-16
Chris 40-34

4 Replies to “Day 9: Cotton Bowl”

  1. If Oklahoma wins big Chris will be in first by himself. The other 4 possible scenarios will result in him sharing the lead.

    Should be an interesting finish. After tonight, Joie and Mom have one of the games picked the same, Chris and Mom have a game picked the same, but each has the BCS Championship game picked differently.

    Too close to call it.

    Chris, Have fun rooting for Justin Brown.

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