ELIMINATED: Marty Jr. and Joie

Going into tonight’s BCS Championship Game only Marty Jr. and Joie have officially been eliminated. Neither of them have anything to be ashamed of as both of them were in the running for most of the bowl pool. This just happened to be one of the most competitive bowl pool’s in recent memory.

Joie (5th – 74 points):

It looked as if Joie would be in the running for her first bowl pool championship early. Joie was in second place for a period of time, but she went into a slump from the Chick-fil-A to Cotton Bowls. In that 10 game span she only scored 14 points. (compared to Joyce’s 39 points in those 10 games)

Marty Jr. (4th – 78 points):

MJR was in the mix until a rough patch of three straight 0’s in the Chik-fil-A, Ticket City, and Outback Bowl’s. He bounced back, but it was too little too late for the all-time leader in wins.

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